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New and Revised Scripts
  • Simple Controls Gallery v1.5  Revised Script Oct-06-15
     Gallery made responsive and mobile friendly, by supporting a percentage "width" value and swipe/ touch support. Also adds a new "scaleimage" option to scale the images inside the gallery in 2 different ways.
  • eFluid Responsive Top Menu  New Script Sept-08-15
    Inspired by the drop down menu seen at the top of pages throughout Dynamic Drive,  eFluid menu is a responsive top menu that adapts to different devices and screen sizes elegantly, using CSS  media queries only to trigger the different break points.
  • Updated these two venerable scripts by DD to be responsive- images now shrink to fit inside small screen devices where the screen is smaller than the dimensions of the image. Only lightbox.js changed in both instances.
  • Sticky Content script v2.0  New Script July-30-15
    This script lets you stick any content on the page once the user scrolls past it so it remains in view even afterwards. It supports an optional "clone" mode to tackle "inline" contents that usually are difficult to make sticky without a jitter in the content during the transition.
  • Responsive Side toggle Menu  Revised Script July-21-15
    Updated to v1.1,which adds multiple levels UL support inside toggle menu. Any nested ULs inside menu will be automatically transformed into to an accordion.
  • jQuery Gooey Menu  Revised Script July-18-15
    Fixed issue with gooey effect when menu drops spills over to multiple lines. Both .js and .css file  updated.
  • Sugar Drop in Bar  New Script June-26-15
    Sugar Bar adds a drop down bar to the top of your page that's shown in a non intrusive manner, only when the page is scrolled and past the designated threshold. It is ideal for pushing content that's optional yet merits user attention, such as an opt-in box or advertisement.
  • Image Figure Caption effects  New Script June-08-15
     This script transforms any image (<img>) into a HTML5 compliant figure element with a nice caption. It also works on existing figure elements. Choose from 7 different effects to unveil the caption in style. Works across all desktop and mobile browsers.
  • DD Full Screen Slider  New Script May-22nd-15
     Full screen Slider resides on a standalone page that creates slides to showcase ccontent in an interactive, digestible format to viewers.  Desktop and mobile friendly, the slides can be navigated in a plethora of ways- auto generated navigational buttons, keyboard, mousewheel, and drag/swipe on the desktop and on mobile.
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