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  • Multi-Level Full Screen Menu  New Scripts Jan-13-17
    A mobile friendly full screen menu that supports multiple levels of sub menus. Click on a header to bring up the corresponding sub menu. Vanilla JavaScript and CSS3 powered.
  • Pausing up-down message scroller  New Scripts Dec-12-16
    This is an up-down message scroller that pauses between each message! Responsive in nature, the scroller supports percentage widths and uses CSS3 animations for buttery smooth, mobile optimized animations. See this blog post for details.
  • gAjax RSS Scripts updated  Revised Scripts Dec-12-16
    gAjax RSS Display scripts updated to use Yahoo's YQL instead of Google Feed API due to the later's imminent shutdown. See this blog post for details.
  • AdBlock Checker and Notifier  New Scripts Dec-06-16
    This is a simple script that detects when the visitor is using a common Ad Blocker on your page, and enables you to style your page differently or display a custom message to coax these users into disabling Ad Blocker.
  • These time scripts have been rewritten to utilize the moment.js library for a built in way to retrieve the time zone offset of any geographic location on Earth, making it super easy to display the time or count down to a date at a specific location in the world.
  • Priority+ Scrolling Menu  New Script Nov-17-16
    A one line horizontal menu that uses the mouse or swiping (on touch screen devices) to scroll though any obscured links. Responsive and adaptive, it maintains its one line form regardless of the parent container's size.
  • DD Scroll Boxes  New Script Oct-31-16
    DD Scroll Box makes it a breeze to turn any DIV content on your page into a scroll box, animating them into view when the user scrolls up or down the page past a certain amount.
  • Youtube/ Vimeo Video Outro script  New Script Sept-15-16
    This jQuery plugin lets you add a custom "outro" to the end of embedded Youtube or Vimeo videos on your site! Display arbitrary rich HTML content inside the outro.
  • All Levels Navigational Menu  Revised Script Aug-15-16
    Revamped mobile menu to full page side menu, adds animation between level changes.
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