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Dynamic-FX Slide-In Menu (v 6.5)

Author: maXimus | Homepage

Description: Handsome inside and out, Dynamic-Fx's slide-in menu will satisfy even the most demanding webmasters. Among it's long list of features are:

  • Ability to statically position menu on page, both x and y axis (as in demo), or simply inline
  • Support for loading link(s) in another frame or window
  • Support for multiple columns within each row
  • Fully customizable colors, dimensions etc

And to top if all off, the script is cross browser functional (including NS6).

Demo: To your left.


Step 1: First, download the following zip file, which subsequently contains two .js files required by the menu:

menu.zip (click or click with Shift key depressed in NS to download)

The two files contained are "ssm.js" and "ssmItems.js", both of which you should upload to your webpage directory.

Step 2: Finally, insert the below code into the <head> section of your page:

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Yes, that's it!

Configuring the menu

All configurations to the menu are done inside "ssmItems.js". Open the file up using any text editor to edit the menu's style, and the displayed links.

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