Property Values - an explanation of their use and meaning:

All properties are composed of the property name followed by a colon and a value that is quoted if it is a literal or unquoted if it is a pure number or true/false value.  All property values are followed by a comma except for the last one for a given menu (usually the links/headings array).  All properties have the default values shown and are therefore optional, unless described as REQUIRED.  Raw unquoted numbers refer to pixels unless otherwise noted.

id:"menu1",  // A unique id is REQUIRED for each menu

menupos:"left",  // Menu position - left, top, or right
keepinview:30,  // For left and right menus and only with kviewtype:'absolute', - distance from top after page has scrolled beyond menutop - may optionally be set to true or false.  Using true will have the menu maintain its menutop position during page scroll, false will prevent the menu from following page scroll.  Top menus will always follow page scroll.
kviewtype:'absolute',  // The method used to keep menu visible when page is scrolled - 'fixed' or 'absolute'. Fixed will not appear to move at all, staying completely stationary in relation to the window's frame, while 'absolute' will follow scrolling in a fluid motion: defaults to 'absolute' (floating) unless menu is top menu. 'fixed' is overridden in browsers that do not support it.  For a menu that appears in the normal flow of the page, use 'absolute' here and false for keepinview (see previous).

menutop:150,  // For left and right menus only, the initial distance from the top of the page
menuleft:"50%",  // For top menu only, initial left position.  May be an unquoted number referring to pixels or a quoted percentage value.ex: menuleft:400, - for pixels, no units or quotes used  or menuleft:'45%' - quotes and percent sign for % value
wrapbar:false,  // For left and right menus only, will wrap the 'draw' bar around the bottom of the menu if true

menuspeed:20,  // Speed of menu sliding, smaller is faster (interval of milliseconds)
menupause:500,  // How long menu stays extended when mouse is not over it (in milliseconds)
d_colspan:2,  // Number of columns to make available in the menu body
allowtransparent:false,  // Ordinarily, the table's bgcolor is the border color, use true here to make it transparent

barwidth:22,  // Width of 'draw' bar (this will be its height for the top menu The below hdingwidth plus (for left and right menus) the above barwidth and (2+d_colspan) times the borderwidth will be used for the table's width.

hdingwidth:149,  // This will be the menu body width as well as any single column headings.
hdingheight:22,  // Heading height
hdingindent:1,  // Text indent for headings.  Here 1=@8px or 1 character's width - decimals allowed.
linkheight:16,  // This will be the height for linked cells

outbrdwidth:0,  // If an outer border (for the containing division) is desired, this will be its width. A single unquoted pixel value without units or quoted top right bottom left values may be used, ex: outbrdwidth:5, or outbrdwidth:'5px', or outbrdwidth:'2px 3px 2px 5px',

outbrdcolor:"none",  // Outer border color
outbrdstyle:"none",  // Outer border style ('solid', 'dashed', 'outset', etc.)
borderwidth:1,  // Border width used inside menus and for menu table (unquoted number without units referring to pixels)
bordercolor:"black",  // Border color used inside menus and for menu table
borderstyle:"solid",  // Border style used inside menus and for menu table
barcolor:"white",  // Text color for 'draw' bar
barbgcolor:"#444444",  // Background color for 'draw' bar
barfontweight:"bold",  // Bar font weight
baralign:"center",  // Bar text align
menufont:"verdana",  // Font for menu, use any you like, defaults to sans-serif if not supported
fontsize:"80%",  // Font size, use quoted percent value
hdingcolor:"white",  // Headings - text color
hdingbgcolor:"#170088",  // Headings - background color
hdingfontweight:"bold",  // Headings - font weight
hdingvalign:"middle",  // Headings - vertical align
hdingtxtalign:"left",  // Headings - text align
linktopad:0,  // Top padding for links
linktxtalign:"left",  // Links text align
linktarget:"",  // Default link target
bartext:"SIDE MENU",  // Text for 'draw' bar.  Quoted <img> tag may be used, ex: bartext:'<img src="my_bar.gif">',

user_defined_stylesheet:false,  // Set to true if you wish to override the script's stylesheet
user_defined_markup:false,  // Set to true if you wish to override the script's markup
design_mode:false,  // Set to true to see the generated styles and markup

menuItems:[] // An array of menu items is REQUIRED for each menu, ex:
menuItems:[ // REQUIRED!!
//[name, link, target, colspan, endrow?] - leave 'link' and 'target' blank to make a header
["Menu"], //create header
["Dynamic Drive", "", ""],
["What's New", "",""],
["What's Hot", "", ""],
["Message Forum", "", ""],
["Submit Script", "", ""],
["Link to Us", "", ""],

["FAQ", "", "", 1, "no"], //create two column row, requires d_colspan:2 (the default)
["Email", "", "",1],

["External Links", "", ""], //create header
["JavaScript Kit", "", "_new"],
["Freewarejava", "", "_new"],
["Coding Forums", "", "_new"]  //no comma after last entry