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Microsoft Outlook bar II

  Author: Michael Wallner | Homepage

Description: With an interface resembling Microsoft Outlook, this unique menu tucks away its contents until user intervention. It supports an unlimited number of categories, and furthermore, works across all DHTML browsers (IE4, NS4+. Mozilla 0.9, Opera5). The only shortcoming is its demand to be put inside a frames environment. Hay, even Microsoft ain't perfect!

Demo: Look to the left.


Simply download the following file. It contains all the necessary files that make up the script.

Configuring the script

Upon unzipping the above file, first load "index.html" to see an example of the script. Then read the right side to get an overview of the script and its structure.

Having done that, you're officially ready to begin configuring the script. Open up "outlook.html" using any text editor (ie: Windows Notepad), which is the all-important file that contains the actual outlook menu script. Change its contents where appropriate inside.

Note that "outlook.html' should be contained inside a frame, such as the left frame. View the source of "index.html" to see what we mean. You can learn more about how to create frames here.

That's it!