Glowing Text Script

Author: Dynamic Drive

Description: Add flare and draw attention to important text on your page by making them glow! The below script utilizes the glow filter of DHTML to first surround any text with a yellow "light", then uses scripting to make the light "come alive" and glow (look closely...the light is actually moving!). Poor folks not using IE 4+ will simply see the text in its usual, dull state.

Demo: This is a glowing link!
This is a glowing text

Try using the above script on a page with black background and white text; it'll fit the Halloween mood quite nicely! (For reference in the future, this page was created near the advent of Halloween :-)

Directions Developer's View

Step 1: Insert the below into the <head> section of your page:

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If you wish to change the color of the glow (from yellow to something else), just change FFFF00 inside the <style> tag.

Step 2: Now, to fire up some text, wrap it with the below span tag:

<span id="glowtext">This is a glowing text</span>