Pulsating text

Author: Chris A | Homepage

Description: This effect makes use of IE's multimedia filters, coupled with scripting, to render an "aura" around any given text. The effect can easily be applied to multiple text, each with differing pulsating colors and speed!



Welcome to our site

Enjoy your stay here at Dynamic Drive

Try viewing the above example on a page with black background and white text.

Directions Developer's View

Step 1: Insert the below script into the <HEAD> section of your page:

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Step 2: Inside the <BODY> section, add the following sample HTML code:

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Step 3: Finally, with the <BODY> tag itself, add the below event handler into it:

<body onLoad="initVars()">

Configuring the script

Configuration of this script is a two part process. First off, you need to specify in the script of Step 1 the text(s) that will have a pulsating effect, by means of a unqiue ID for each text. The HTML code containing the actual text (code of Step 2) must then carry these specified ID names.

You can alter the text's font type/size simply by embedding inside the <div> the appropriate HTML tags.

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