:: Flying Message Script

Author: Dynamic Drive

Description: A message that flies across the screen. HTML tags, such as links, and be embedded inside. The message is an external html file that can be updated by anyone who knows basic HTML. If the surfer moves the mouse over the message, it pauses for him/her to interact. Browsers other than NS 4.x will simply see no message.

Demo: Look at the top of your screen!

Directions Developer's View

Step 1: Copy the below image into the directory your HTML files are stored in (Copyright Info: The below image is NOT copyrighted Dynamic Drive, and is believed to be of public domain):

people.gif (7958 bytes)

Step 2: Click here, and save that file as "message.htm". This is the external htm file that will be flown across the screen.

Step 3: Finally, copy the below code and paste it right below the <body> tag of the main page that will show the flying message, before any other tags:

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Notes 1: Be careful when editing "message.htm". First of all, you should only edit the content inside the <div></div> tags. Do NOT edit or remove the <div> tag itself! Secondly, NS 4.x is very picky about HTML syntax when it is used as an external file source. Namely, it demands correct HTML. For example, if you use a <font> tag inside message.htm, always remember to close it off with the complimentary </font> tag. Failure to do so will cause JavaScript errors in NS 4.x.

Notes 2: By default, the message is positioned 80px below the top of the window...you can change that by changing top:80 inside the <layer> tag of Step 3 to another number.

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