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Popup Box (DHTML Announcement Box)

Author: Jim Silver

Description: Use this custom DHTML "widget" to uniquely present new or notable pieces of information to your visitors. The interface is cross browser compatible, and can be dragged/ hidden freely by the user. Now that's something new in itself!

Demo: (Hold your mouse down over the title bar of the box to drag it).

Directions: Developer's View

Step 1: Add the following script to the <HEAD> section of your page:

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Step 2: Insert the below HTML code to the BOTTOM of your page, right above the </BODY> tag itself:

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You may also want to grab this image, and upload to your webpage directory:

close.gif (872 bytes)


Configuring the script

All modifications to the script are done in the code of Step 2 only.

1) To customize the displayed content, change the part where the HTML comments are located.

2) To configure the initial location of the box on the page, change the "left" and "top" attributes of the <div> tag.

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Announcement Box
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