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ColorJack DHTML color picker

Author: ColorJack

Description: ColorJack DHTML color picker is a cross browser, sleek color picker that's compact to boot. Licensed under Creative Commons, use it on your sites or web apps.


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Directions: Simply download colorjack.zip, and refer to the HTML page inside. The zip file contains the following files:

FYI, the function to edit to customize the action to take when a color has been chosen is mkColor() inside the page:

function mkColor(v){
//** In this case, just update DIV with ID="colorbox" so its background color reflects the chosen color

In the demo, the script merely changes the background color of a DIV called "colorbox" to that of the chosen color. The function $S() is merely a time saving function to accessing an element on the page by its ID, and is no different from going the route of document.getElementById("colorbox") instead.


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