onMouseover scrollbar effect

Description: Quite a catchy script that applies a "rollover" effect to your webpage's scrollbar!

Demo: Move your mouse over the main document scrollbar in IE5.5...

Directions: Developer's View

Just add the following into the <BODY> section of your page:

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Both the initial and post color of the scrollbar when the mouse moves over it can be changed. In fact, to make this customization as easy as possible, the script comes with 5 premade "themes". Locate the two instances of the line:


inside the script, and substitute "neo" with 1 of 4 other possible values- "blue", "orange", "red", and "green"- to experience them.


Developer's Note

This script doesn't actually detect an onMouseover scrollbar event (as one does not exist in DHTML), but rather, cleverly compensates by determining the position of the mouse relative to the scrollbar.

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