Tip of the day dialog

Description: Our good friend Lefteris has created yet another out-of-this-world DHTML application for us- Tip of the day dialog. With the help of the window.showModalDialog() method of IE 4+, and some advanced DHTML scripting, an insanely cool Tip of the day script with a GUI that resembles that seen in many windows applications is born. Use it to provide daily tidbits of interesting information to your surfers, in an even more interesting way! Developers, be sure to examine the source code to learn how the awesome interface for the dialog was created. Such as GUI can be applied to many DHTML applications...



Simply download and unzip into your webpage directory. The following files are included:

-totd.js (renamed to .txt file so it's viewable online)
-totdmsg.js (renamed to .txt file so it's viewable online)

Installation is extremely easy (and definitely reads longer than it really takes).

To insert the "Tip of the day" script to your page, you have to:

1) Copy and paste everything within the <Script> tags (including the Script tags) from the file index.html to your webpage

2) Place this: onLoad="totdinit()" into your webpage's BODY tag itself.*

3) Open totdmsg.js (using any text editor), and edit the variables inside, which contain the actual tips.

4) You're essentially done. Simply upload all the files, and get ready to impressive your visitors with one cool tip-of-the-day dialog!

BTW, all installation instructions (plus tips on using the dialog) are repeated as actual tips inside the demo dialog, so be sure to read them!

*If you have already another onLoad statement in your BODY tag (from another JavaScript) do not put a second statement there because simply it won't work ! Here is what you have to do in that case: Let's say you have a JavaScript that requires you to place in the BODY tag the statement onLoad="init()" and you like to use the "Tip of the day" script too (which requires you to add the onLoad="totdinit()" statement). You do not place 2 onLoad statements! Instead you use this: onLoad="init();totdinit()" , which means you place both function calls in the same event handler (onLoad) separated by a semicolon. Same can be used for even more than 2 Scripts, like onLoad="init();totdinit();start();go()" etc...

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