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Cursor Trailer Text

Notes: Slightly modified by Dynamic Drive for IE specific bug

Description: It used to be that a mouse cursor was just a mouse cursor. Since DHTML came along and gave programmers the ability to track the precise coordinates of the mouse, it was only a matter of time that cursor effects started showing up. This is Peter's great cursor text effect. It's pretty self explanatory, not to mention awesome!

Demo: Got a mouse?

Directions Developer's View

Step 1: Insert the below inside the <head> section of the page:

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To change the message, simply configure variable "message". As a general tip, the shorter the message, the more efficient the script runs. The text style can also be altered (change the declarations within the <style> tag.

Step 2: Add the below anywhere inside the <body> section of the page:

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Step 3: Finally, what's left now is to insert the following BODY onload event handler inside the <body> tag itself:

<body onLoad="makesnake()" style="width:100%;overflow-x:hidden;overflow-y:scroll">

and you're done.

Say, here's an idea: try putting your site's address (ie: as the message to display. People sure won't forget it that way!