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//"Accept terms" form submission- By Dynamic Drive
//For full source code and more DHTML scripts, visit
//This credit MUST stay intact for use

var checkobj

function agreesubmit(el){
if (document.all||document.getElementById){
for (i=0;i<checkobj.form.length;i++){ //hunt down submit button
var tempobj=checkobj.form.elements[i]

function defaultagree(el){
if (!document.all&&!document.getElementById){
if (window.checkobj&&checkobj.checked)
return true
alert("Please read/accept terms to submit form")
return false




<form name="agreeform" onSubmit="return defaultagree(this)">
Rest of your form here<br>
<input name="agreecheck" type="checkbox" onClick="agreesubmit(this)"><b>I agree to the above terms</b><br>
<input type="Submit" value="Submit!" disabled>

//change two names below to your form's names

<p align="center"><font face="Arial" size="-2">Free DHTML scripts provided by<br>
<a href="">Dynamic Drive</a></font></p>


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