Special Document Effects- Legacy Scripts

VML Fireworks IE5+ legacy
User Submitted
This script uses VML of IE5+ to render realistically looking fireworks on your page!

3D starfield IE5+ legacy
User Submitted
Take your webpage into the stars with this 3D starfield script! The stars travel towards you in an incessant manner.

Document Magnifier IE5+ legacy
User Submitted
This script takes full advantage of IE5.5's zoom-in feature to allow you to selectively magnify any area of a webpage.

Watermark Background Image FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+ legacy
Use this script to give your web documents a static background image that does not tile, and always remains visible in the background, even when the user scrolls the document. Degrades well with all browses.

Live Background Previewer IE5+ Opr7+ legacy
A live background previewer that allows surfers to instantly see how a background image will look like in a document.

Special Effects upon Page Enter IE5+ wizard.gif (1201 bytes) legacy
Click here for a collection of scripts that each applies a distinct, transitional effect to the document as the surfer enters the page. These scripts create effects very similar to ones seen on TV, such as gradually bringing the page into view etc.

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