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Snow Effect

Note: Updated Nov 9th, 05 by DD: Smoother animation, ability to hide snow after x seconds, and option for snow to drop down the full height of page (default is window height).

Description: Decorate your webpage with this great animated document effect! Watch as snow gently trickles down the page, then disappear. The image used is changeable, so snow definitely isn't the only effect this script can render...

Demo: In this demo you're viewing right now, a snow image is used. Click the below for an "Autumn" effect instead, realized using a leaf image:

Autumn effect

Directions Developer's View

Step 1: Save and upload to your site one of the following two images (depending on the effect you want), by right clicking the image, and choosing "save as":

snow.gif (256 bytes) (225 bytes)
Alternate snow gif:

Step 2: Having done that, simply add the below chunk of code to the <BODY> section of your page, at the VERY END, outside any other tags:

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Be sure variable "snowsrc" in the above code correctly references the full URL path to the image used. Enjoy!

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