Bouncing image script II

Author: Dheera V | Homepage

Description: Thanks to new found features in IE 5.5+, Dheera's bouncing image script uses your visitor's entire monitor screen as its playground! Imagine your visitor's disbelief when they see an image animating with complete disregard to the usual window boundaries. The image can be set to dismiss or navigate to a URL onclick. If you want to draw attention to a specific image/banner, there is simply no more provocative way.

Demo: Look around if you're using IE 5.5 or above...

Directions: Developer's View

Simply add the following into the <BODY> section of your page:

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Configuring the script

We've enhanced Dheera's original script to allow customization in several fronts, such as the behavior of the image when clicked on, the default duration it should stay visible on screen, and more. Please refer to documentation inside for instructions on making these changes.

Technical Notes

This script, apart from the obvious shortcoming of only visible in IE 5.5, does not support background transparency. Due to this, if you use a non-rectangular image for the effect, the background will show through. Hay, nothing's perfect!

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