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Dynamic image selector

Author: Dynamic Drive

Last modified: 05/07/01 Added ability to show text description/ NS6 compatibility

Description: This is a "dynamic" image selector that allows your surfers to see an image by selecting it from a selection list. It is dynamic in that the images do NOT have to be of the same dimensions, a limitation that most other image selector scripts out there have. Imagine- you can now have a gallery of images of all sizes! The only pitfall is that, since it is written using DHTML, NS 3- and IE 3- browsers will not be able to use it. These low-end browsers will get an alert message informing them of this when the surfer tries to select an image.

You can now specify corresponding textual descriptions for each image!


Directions Developer's View

Simply add the below code where you wish the image selector to appear:

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The script is very easy to set up. First, change all the values inside the <option> tags to reflect the paths to the images you want shown (you can add or delete <option> tags, depending on how many images you have). Lastly, change the height attribute of the <table> tag to reflect the height required to accommodate the LARGEST image in your gallery (in the demo, 178 pixels).

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