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Bottom slide tooltip

Note: Modified by DD for minor code changes

Description: This bottom slide-in box can be used as an "aid" or "tooltip" for your page elements. Move your mouse over the element in question (must support the onMouseover event, such as <A> tag), and a description will slide in from the bottom of the browser. This script works in IE4+, NS4, and NS6+.

Demo: Move your mouse over the below links:



Directions: Developer's View

Step 1: Add the following to the HEAD section of your page:

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Step 2: Add the below to the end of your BODY section, outside any other tags:

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Step 3: You are now ready to attach a bottom-slide tooltip to any tag that supports onMouseover, such as <A>. Below contains 2 variations of code you add inside the tag in question, plus an example.

Add the below to the BODY of your page to play around with the possibilities:

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Customizing the script

This script requires editing in two places:

1) Edit code of Step 1 to specify the tooltip descriptions
2) Then in the code of Step 3, enter the array element containing the desired tooltip into each onMouseover code (ie: description[0], description [1] etc).


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