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Flashing Links script v2.0

Author: Dynamic Drive

Note: Last updated April 6th, 09' to v2.0

Description: Some links are more important than others on your page...with this script, they will be noticed more as well. Use it to give any link(s) on your page a flashing trait, with independently controlled options for each link. Ah, the power of DHTML!

Demo: The script allows you to flash a link in two ways- flashing the link text itself, or its background:

Dynamic Drive, your DHTML source! (flashing link text)

Visit JavaScript Kit for free JavaScripts! (flashing link background)

Directions: Developer's View

Simply insert the below script to the <HEAD> section of your document:

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The script references the following .js file, which you should download (right click, and select "Save As"):

With the script installed, to make a text link on the page flash, just insert one of the two variants of the below "rel" attribute inside it:

<a href="test.htm" rel="flashfg[colorvalue]">Example 1</a>

<a href="test.htm" rel="flashbg[colorvalue]">Example 2</a>

The first version flashes the link's color between the original and specified color values, while the later flashes the background color. You should replace "colorvalue" with the desired color name or hex value. Here's an example:

<a href="http://www.dynamicdrive.com" rel="flashbg[yellow]">Dynamic Drive</a>

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