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Rainbow Links script

Author: TAKANASHI Mizuki

Note: Last updated: 09/20/02 to include IE6+ compatibility

Description: Before your visitors follow through on a link, let them follow the rainbow, with Takanashi's script! Once it's applied, all links on the page exhibit a rainbow effect onmouseover. Requires IE4+ or NS6+, with effect downgrading well with the rest.

Demo: Move your mouse over the following links (or any link on this page, for that matter!):

-JavaScript Kit

Directions: Developer's View

Add the below code to the <HEAD> section of your document:

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Finally, the script accesses the external JavaScript file, "rainbow.js", which you should first download by clicking the link below (or click with "Shift" key depressed in NS):


then, upload this file to your web page directory.

Note: You can explicitly add the rainbow effect to other text (not link text), by inserting the code onmouseover="doRainbow(this);" and onmouseout="stopRainbow();" inside the tag in question.

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