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Scrolling Tooltip Script

Author: Dynamic Drive

Description: An alternate version of the tooltip script that creates a "scrolling" tooltip. Definitely more eye catching, if nothing else. (Note that in IE, the tooltip will only be enabled after the document has completed loading) View notes below for cross-browser rendering issues.


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Directions: Developer's View

Step 1: Insert the below into the <body> section of your web page, right after the <body> tag itself, before anything else:

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Giving text links a tooltip:
Having done the above, the procedure for giving text links or image maps a scrolling tooltip is virtually identical to that of the standard tooltip script. Simply insert the below into either the <a> tag of the text link, or right alongside the href attribute of each image spot:

onMouseover="showtip2(this,event,'Visit Dynamic Drive for DHTML Scripts!')" onMouseout="hidetip2()"

with the part in red representing the text you want shown inside the tip.

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