IE5 Proprietary Calendar

Author: Dynamic Drive

Note: Based on Microsoft code and .htc calendar behavior

Description: Straight from the abnormally large brains of Microsoft developers comes this script. Utilizing IE 5's support for DHTML behaviors, Microsoft has made this highly stable and attractive calendar script for those needing a calendar to use on their site. Functional in IE 5 and up, and invisible to all other browsers. Three cheers to our masters!



Step 1: Before anything else, you need to make a minute change to the <HTML> tag (yes, HTML) of your page. This alternation is oblivious to non recognizing browsers, though is needed for IE 5 to correctly access and display the calendar.

Change your webpage's <HTML> tag so it reads instead:


The changes are shown in red.

Step 2: Insert the below where you wish the calendar to appear on your page:

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Step 3: Lastly and most importantly, download the following .htc file from Microsoft, and upload into the same directory as where everything else above resides in. This is the "brain" of the calendar: (Click or Click it with the Shift key depressed in NS to download)

Important! While the above code ( is coded and offered by Microsoft as freeware, you should read and consciously agree to its user agreement first before downloading.

Ta ta.

Technical Note for developers

So what are DHTML behaviors? Well, they can be thought of as an advanced form of external JavaScript, in which the applied DHTML functionality is contained in a file separate from the rest of the page. The benefits of using DHTML behaviors to implement DHTML effects is comparable to using CSS to apply style to your page- encapsulation. Click here to learn more about DHTML behaviors.

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