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Popup DHTML Analog Clock

Note: Modified by DD to squash "noon" bug, and also, display the digital time beneath it

Description: Use this cross browser DHTML script to display the analog time to your visitors via a popup window. Activated either through clicking a link, or automatically as the page loads.


Show me the time!

Directions Developer's View

Step 1: Insert the following into the <BODY> section of your page:

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Step 2: Save analogclock.htm below in its entirety and unmodified, and upload to your webpage directory where the above also resides:

analogclock.htm (save by "right clicking" it, and selecting "Save As"

Step 3: Finally, the clock needs the help of a .gif file for its interface. Help it by copying the below, and saving it in the same directory as the above two (right click image to save):

face.gif (1534 bytes)

So to recap, copy the code of Step 1 into your main webpage, download both Step 2 and Step 3, and upload the resulting three into the same webpage directory.

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