FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+

Mini Window Script

Author: Dynamic Drive

Description: A mini-window that contains another html document. Browsers other than IE 4+ and NS6+ will simply see nothing.

Demo: (The text inside is "doc.htm").


Step 1: We've created the below wizard to allow you to easily customize the border look of the mini window. Simply choose from a variety of styles to apply to the border of the window, and press "submit".

Customize the border of the mini window:

Thickness Style: Color:

Step 2: Paste the below generated code where you wish the window to appear, and you're done! Be sure to change the width/height and src property of the mini window to your own:

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Notice the "name=cwindow" attribute inside the above code....you'll need this if you wish to create a link outside the mini window that loads the target url inside the mini-window. For example:

<a href="minidoc.htm" target="cwindow">
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