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Top script related questions of Dynamic Drive

1Q) I'm having trouble getting two or more scripts to work concurrently on one page. By themselves, each function just fine, but when put together, they throw a tantrum. Help!

2Q) Hay guys, how did you get that custom "D" image into my favorites/location menu after I bookmarked your site (DD)? How can I accomplish this for my own site?

3Q) With some of the menu scripts such as Top Navigational Bar II, how do I specify the menu links to load in another frame or window?

4Q) I tried customizing the text for one of your scripts requiring it (such as the Splash Screen script), and suddenly, it doesn't work anymore! What gives?

5Q) How can I center some of the scripts from your Scroller and Image Slideshow collection? They seem to only support left aligning.

6Q) For the .js files that some scripts come with, how should I open and edit them?

7Q) What do you mean when you say the "<HEAD>" or "<BODY>" section of a page?

8Q) I use MS Frontpage 98/2000 to create my webpages. What's the ideal way to insert your scripts onto my page?

9Q) Are all your scripts created equal for both Windows and Mac?

10Q) Hay, I noticed some of your scripts don't work in NS6!

11Q) Do you guys perform custom script work? I need an existing script from Dynamic Drive modified.

1A) The reasons for two scripts suddenly not working when put on the same page can be many, including duplication in the two scripts' variable names, functions, or access to an event handler (ie: body onload=...). The most common conflict is the last of the three, which you should read the following tutorial online to see how to resolve. Having said that, scripts are like hairs, and are easily tangled. If, after pulling your own hair out, things still don't work, it's time to rid one of the other two patches!

2A) IE 5 and above support customization of the little icon you see beside your browser's favorites menu and location bar. Web site owners can alter this image to their liking, which in turn can be useful for branding or "coolness" purposes. Refer to this tutorial for step by step instructions on how to accomplish this feat for your own site..

3Q) To make a particular link inside select menus in our archive load in another frame/window, change its URL inside the menu from its original syntax, such as:


to one of the following instead:



Use the first code to load the link inside another frame, where "myframe" is the name of the frame you're targeting. To load the link in a new window, use the second code instead.

4A) The problem most likely is due to your text containing a reserved JavaScript keyword, in most cases, apostrophes ('). For example:

text[0]="I'm the king of the world!"

The above will disrupt your entire script, since it contains an apostrophe (I'm). Does that mean you're not allowed to include apostrophes, not to mention other JS keywords, in your text? Absolutely not! All you need to remember is that they need to be backslashed (\), which informs the browser not to give them V.I.P status:

text[0]="I\'m the king of the world!"

Repeat this for all occurrences of the reserved character.

5A) Some scripts in our archive utilize the <LAYER> tag to render themselves in NS, which unfortunately, does not support direct centering (the tag, that is). A little trick you can use to middle alignthese scripts is to create a three columned table, and place the script inside the center column, effectively centering it in both NS and IE. Graphically, this is what we mean:

  Script here  

6A) Use any text editor to open/modify/save .js files. While the default Notepad of Windows will handle the job, we recommend something a little more versatile. Click here for a list of text editors on Download.com

7Q) HTML pages by default should contain a <HEAD> and <BODY> tag, which you can confirm by viewing source on most pages online. The former is located near the top of the page, while the later follows closely, encompassing the actual displayed contents (ie: text, images, tables etc). If your page doesn't have these two tags, please refer to a good HTML tutorial on how to add them in.

8A) In our opinion, the best way to insert external scripts (including those from our site) in Frontpage is to use the "Insert HTML" command. In Frontpage 2000, you can access this command from the top toolbar: Insert-> Advanced-> HTML. In Frontpage 98, the route is very similar, Insert-> HTML -> HTML Component. Content contained inside the resulting box will not be touched or altered by the editor in anyway, minimizing potential headache for you as a webmaster.

9Q) A better question to ask is, "Are browsers created equal for both Windows and Mac?" Unfortunately, the answer is no, in both IE and NS. To be more specific, the Mac versions of these browsers lack some of the DHTML functionality of their Windows counterparts. Most of our scripts were developed and tested in the Windows Platform (by far the most popular OS), so there is a chance that a minority of them will not function in Mac.

10Q) Since NS6 made its debut in Nov 2000, we've been slowly converting existing scripts to function in the browser. The process is an ongoing one, and may not eventually cover all past scripts. New scripts added since Nov 2000 all have been designed with NS6 in mind (either compatibility or degradability wise), though.

11Q) Unfortunately due to time constraints, we currently cannot support/perform custom work/modification on existing scripts. Usually such requests will be ignored when sent to us.

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NS- Indicates script works with Netscape 4 (NOT NS 6 yet)
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NS6!- Temporary index set up on script category pages to indicate script works in NS6

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