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Rollover buttons 

Turn regular form buttons into rollover menus with this script!


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What's Hot

Below lists the recent scripts that have been featured on the bar you see to your left of Dynamic Drive:

Pop-it menu 
Pop-it allows you to associate a drop-down menu with regular links on your page!

Trembling text 
Make select text on your page "shiver" slightly to draw attention to them!

Arrow head title 
Have moving arrows point at your document's title, with this fun script!

Flashing form element 
Flash your form elements baby!

Source code encrypter 
Scramble the source of any chunk of code using this unique script.

Flashing links 
Bring attention to special links, by making them flash!

Roaming Cursor 
Display a second, "roaming" cursor on your page with this fun animation script.

Animated Document title
Animate into view your document's title!

Highlight Image Script II
Apply a neat border to images onMouseover...

Cursor Scroller
What happens when you have a scroller that follows the mouse around? One that can't be ignored!

Flying Cupids script
Valentines is here, and so is this great script for the occasion.

Dynamic Progress Bar
Use this cool script to graphically countdown to any event...

Watermark background image
Render your background image static with this script!

Tip of the day Dialog
This Tip of the day dialog comes wrapped in familiarly cool skin!

Shake Image script
Behold- the one and only onMouseover shake image script!

Dynamic Image Selector
Got images of varying sizes you want to display inline on a webpage? Use this script!

Print button
Use this print button to allow your surfers to directly print a web page simply by clicking on a button!

Box-away Effect
Use this document script to render an interesting box-away effect as visitors enter your page.

Static Menu 3
Add an elegant, visible from the start static menu to your site with this script!

Boom boom boom shake the browser with this script!

Popup boxes
Use these colorful popups to provide additional information about any link, inline and non intrusively as the mouse moves

Preload image script
Use this DHTML script to not only preload any number of images before displaying them, but also, get a live update on it's progress through an update bar!

Browser redirect script
This is a DHTML redirect script that sends your visitors to three different pages, depending on whether she is using NS 4+, IE 4+, or neither. It's a fool-proof way to ensure that only the intended browser gets to see and run a browser-specific DHTML script.

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All- Script works with Netscape 4 AND Internet Explorer 4+
NS- Indicates script works with Netscape 4 (NOT NS 6 yet)
IE- Indicates script works with Internet Explorer 4 and above
NS6!- Temporary index set up on script category pages to indicate script works in NS6

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