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Custom NS6 sidebars

Take a peek at LiveSideBar.com, an interesting site that provides custom, cool sidebars to add to your NS6 browser. Among its offerings are a practical calculator and Post-It-Note bar. And while you're at it, be sure to check out our very own NS6 Sidebar script.

JavaScript site search script

This is a rather unique search script that uses JavaScript to do the grunt work. Use it to add search capabilities to your CGI-less site or CD-ROM product. Some DD visitors have reported that it works fairly well. Note that the product is commercial ($30 registration fee). 

"Knight Rider" scanner effect

Jacky, a DD visitor, writes: "This DHTML script is my implementation of the infamous Kitt scanner from the Knight Rider TV series." Based on a <TABLE>, it is quite tiny and fast, and works in both IE4+ and NS6. Quite a mesmerizing effect we say! 

Opera 7 developer specs

So you've heard all about and may even use Opera 7, the emerging star in the competitive browser market. Perhaps its time to learn to code for it. Use these docs for an gentle entry...

Grafe's DHTML goodies

Grafe's little corner on the web it also the hiding place for his DHTML creations. Check out the growing number of interesting scripts Grafe is putting out for "the people."

Has my computer crashed?

IE4+ allows the developer to open a new window that spans the entire user screen. With that in mind, Jeff has concocted a wicked script that displays the "blue screen of death," appearing as if the user's computer has just crashed. It gave us a chuckle if nothing else. Click here to see the effect. For those that wish to study the source of the script, download it here.

IMPORTANT: To close the blue screen of death window upon visiting, either press Alt+F4, or simply any key on your keyboard.

Calendar XP component

Calendar scripts are a dime a dozen these days. Victor Weng's stands out via a highly attractive interface, robust features, and cross browser functioning (NS4,6, IE4,5,6beta). Be sure to observe its licensing agreement before using this great script.

Learning Flash 5

Ok, so like every other contest you've entered, you did not win in our recently held Flash book giveaway. Like everyone who entered, however, you're obviously looking for your dosage of Flash. Well, to all but the 6 winners, this feature is for you- a comprehensive online Flash 5 tutorial.

DHTML color adjuster

You've got to love DHTML's ability to render fancy interfaces. Dennis Cheung demonstrates using the technology to create a dynamic color adjuster. Check it out using IE4+ or NS6.

Compressing your HTML

Adam Brown, a Dynamic Drive visitor writes: "I'm a fanatic when it comes to reducing my webpages' size, to maximize download time and reduce my bandwidth charges. Apart from optimizing images, I use a freeware program called Absolute HTML to cut into the HTML pages themselves. So far so good, a program I would recommend to others. As standard good practice, be sure to always backup the original pages, however."

A library of DHTML libraries

DHTML libraries' mission statement is simple- provide non programmers with the ability to harness and code in DHTML without actually learning the language. Sounds too good to be true? Perhaps, but who says everything has to be either black or white? With that in mind, here are a few good DHTML libraries:

-Dynamic Duo DynAPI
-Lloyd Hassell's dynlib


Now that you know the author's name, it's time to familiarize yourself with what he has to offer. ScottAndrew.com is a deceivably useful webmaster site with an emphasis on DHTML news and cutting edge tutorials. Enjoy the constant flow of DHTML articles, links, and extraneous updates on the author's life the site throws at you.

CSS enhancements in IE6 PR

Last month (March 2001), Microsoft released IE6 Preview Release, and as expected, a can of new worms- uh, features- for web developers to devour. Learn about the new CSS enhancements IE6 PR brings to center stage. Oh yes, and should you get completely baffled when reading the section on !DOCTYPE switch, follow it up with this tutorial from WebMonkey.

CSS tutorials uncovered

You may be able to cut and paste DHTML, but when it comes to CSS (Cascading Style sheets), there is no piggyback riding. Here are our selection of great CSS tutorials to help you master the essential language:

-Web Blazonry CSS tutorial
-Style Master CSS tutorial
-Style Master Hands-On CSS tutorial
-CSS Reference sheet

To the heart of JavaScript

We get several emails weekly from visitors asking where they could find a complete list of all JavaScript objects and their corresponding methods/properties. Here ya go JavaScript Jedi!

Usable Java applets- Codebrain.com

As far as we're concerned, there are two kinds of Java applets- those that hang your page and scare away visitors, and those that are actually usable on one's site. Codebrain.com's applet creations definitely belong in the later category.

Move over Notepad- Editpad

As a coder, there are few programs in the world I despise more than Window's Notepad. Butt ugly and cripplingly unintuitive are what springs to mind. Doctor's cure? Use Editpad instead. It's free, it's feature-rich, and it's what you too should use to edit scripts found on Dynamic Drive, or otherwise.

How fast are you browsing Dynamic Drive?

Curious just how fast your internet connection is at this moment? A free live service from Cnet answers that question, and compares the results graphically with the major connection types out there, all in real time. Quite amusing, if nothing else!

DHTML on your desktop- Webos.com

DHTML is on the loose and coming after your desktop! Several companies on the net are currently working to introduce web based platforms to consumers, as a form of "home away from home." DHTML plays a big role in the realization of this virtual desktop, providing the front-end interface in almost all of the involved companies service. Check out Webos.com as an example of this innovative idea in action, which provides any surfer with 20 megs of free virtual desktop space.

IE browser, NS skin!

William Platt (a DD surfer) emailed us of his amusing DHTML creation, which gives IE 4+ browsers a NS Communicator skin. "Imagine a visitor's confusion when their IE suddenly turns into NN :-)" Ok, not exactly practical, but worth your eye balls at least. Note that the application (script) is currently in beta, and IE 4+ is required to view it.

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