HTML 4 supports the DIR attribute, which allows you to control the direction of text on a page. Through this tag you can actually shift the scrollbar from the right edge of the window to the left. Now, why you would want to do that other than to surprise your visitors, only you can answer! You'll need IE6 to view this page correctly. 

The code to shifting the scrollbar to the left edge of the window is as follows:

<HTML DIR="rtl">
<DIV DIR="ltr">

All your content here, inside the DIV tag... ...don't forget the ending tags... :)



Quiet Storm 

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The amazing left scrollbar
Scrollbars can only on the right side of content right? Well, not according to this example. Thanks to Quiet Storm for sending us the technique.

Forklift animation
Have a little fun operating a virtual forklift before moving on with your daily chores and events :) Bring your IE (or NS4) for this one.

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