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-Issue 12
Get information regarding a new and emerging web technology called XUL, how to suppress JavaScript errors in your page, and a strange bug in IE 5 that could bug you as time goes by...

-Issue 11
Learn how to create Drop caps effect without resorting to images, read about one of the worst DHTML books ever, and more.

-Issue 10
Read our comprehensive review on O'Reilly's immensely popular DHTML book "DHTML, The Definitive Reference"...

-Issue 9
Learn how to implement Conditional Comments in NS 4+, customize the favorites icon in IE 5 for sites WITHOUT root access, and more.

-Issue 8
Conditional comments (CC) is one of the hottest new DHTML feature of IE 5. Learn all about CC, plus how to activate some fun and new easter eggs in NS and IE.

-Issue 7
Learn how to customize the favorite's menu icon image in IE 5. See why NS 5 is so important to developers, and also, when this much anticipated browser is expected to hit the streets.

-Issue 6
Read about how Netscape plans to abandon support for the current DOM of IE 4/NS 4 in it's Gecko browser, plus awaken the anti-Mozilla Easter egg of IE 5...

-Issue 5
How does the DHTML engine between IE 4 and NS 4 match up? Why does Dynamic Drive currently feature more IE scripts than NS's? All these questions, and more, answered in this newsletter...

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