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Submit a DHTML or CSS script!

Think you've created a cool DHTML or CSS script and would like the world to see it? Submit it to then! If included you will obviously be fully credited for your work, including a link back to your site.

There are two ways to submit a DHTML or CSS script:

  1. Post the code in the code submission area of DD forums. This instantly exposes your code to other members of DD. We will also review the submissions ourselves to determine which ones should be included in our code library.
  2. Alternatively, you can submit your code to . Please either zip up the code, or simply post a URL to it in your email.

Important: By submitting, you represent that you are the original creator of the script, and grant Dynamic Drive the full right to include and feature your script in our script archive and possibly through other sources affiliated with Dynamic Drive. We also reserve the right to modify or remove the script from our site at any time.