Image Galleries and Viewers

Lightbox Image viewer FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
-User Submitted
Lightbox JS is an elegant, unobtrusive script that overlays a larger version of an image on the current page for display when clicked on- an image thumbnail viewer if you will. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers.

Lightbox Image viewer v2.1 FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
-User Submitted
Lightbox JS 2.0 expands upon the original Lightbox Image Viewer with a few new features, most notably, the ability to group similar images together, so cycling between these images become a breeze.

Facebox Image and Content viewer v1.1 FF1+ IE6+ Opr9+
-User Submitted
Facebox is a lightweight Facebook-style lightbox which can display images, divs, or entire remote pages (via Ajax) inline on the page and on demand. It uses the compact jQuery library as its engine.

jQuery Full Screen Image Viewer FF IE9+ Chrome
This script expands any image to fill the entire browser screen when clicked on, with option to further zoom in on the image onmousever or tap. It's ideal for product images on ecommerce sites or simply high resolution images that demand a larger stage.

Simple Controls Gallery FF1+ IE7+ Opr9+
Want to display images as an automatic slideshow that can also be explicitly played or paused by the user? Simple Controls Gallery rotates and displays an image by fading it into view over the previous one, with navigation controls that pop up when the mouse rolls over the Gallery.

Touch Image Gallery FF1+ IE8+ Opr9+
Touch Image Gallery is a simple image gallery that caters to mobile and desktop browsers alike, by being touch/ swipe friendly, in addition to the traditional way of navigating. The gallery itself consists of just a regular UL list with images defined inside it.

Image w/ description tooltip FF1+ IE6+ Opr8+
Move the mouse over a link and have the image of your choice plus corresponding description pop up, by using this tooltip script. Great for viewing images on demand.

Photo Album script v2.0 FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
Photo Album script is ideal for displaying multiple images at once, with the ability to cycle through entire batches of images. Each image can be hyperlinked and a text description shown below it. Also, customize the dimensions of the photo album, such as 3 by 2 images, 4 by 5 images etc.

PHP Photo Album script v2.0 FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
This is a PHP enhanced Photo Album script that automates the retrieval of all images within a specific directory to show, with pagination links generated to cycle through each page. The images can be sorted by file name or date. A built in Lightbox loads a larger version of each image when it's clicked on.

Step Carousel Viewer FF1+ IE7+ Opr9+
Step Carousel Viewer displays images or even rich HTML by side scrolling them left or right. Users can step to any specific content on demand, or browse the gallery sequentially by stepping through x number of contents each time. A smooth sliding animation is used to transition between steps. The contents can be defined either inline on the page, or on an external file and fetched via Ajax.

FrogJS Image Gallery FF1+ IE6+ Opr9+
FrogJS is sequential image gallery script that supports an optional description and link for each image. You view the images in sequence, by clicking on the previous and next images' thumbnail. Each image is simply defined as regular HTML contained within a special DIV tag on the page, making it extremely easy to set up, including its corresponding description and link.

Coverflow Image Gallery FF2+ IE8+ Opr8+
Coverflow Image Gallery is a  Apple pioneered 3D looking image gallery that when clicked on displays a larger version of the image. A description can also be shown beneath the enlarged image.  Both the small and enlarged images are automatically scaled to fit within the available real estate regardless of their native dimensions.

CMotion Image Gallery script FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
CMotion Image Gallery is a versatile gallery script that uses the user's mouse to control it. The user can direct both the image scrolling direction and speed just by placing the mouse on either spectrums of the image gallery. Clicking on an image can then load a larger version of it etc. Cool!

CMotion Image Gallery script II FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
A vertical, up down scrolling version of the original CMotion Image Gallery script above.

Image Thumbnail viewer FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
Image Thumbnail Viewer is a compact, unobtrusive image viewer that can be applied to any link on the page to load the desired image inside a sleek interface based on the link's "href" value. This script will center the enlarged image on the page and optionally display a text description of the image.

Image Thumbnail viewer II FF1+ IE6+ Opr8+
Similar in function to Image Thumbnail Viewer above, this script loads and displays a larger image inline on the page when a thumbnail is clicked on or rolled over. Great for letting visitors preview from many images then select the image of his choice to view on the same page.

Dynamic Image selector FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+
This is a "dynamic" image selector that allows your surfers to see an image by selecting it from a selection list. It is dynamic in that the images do NOT have to be of the same dimensions, a limitation that most other image selector scripts out there have. Imagine- you can now have a gallery of images of all sizes!

Wordpress Users: Step by Step instructions to add ANY Dynamic Drive script to an entire Wordpress theme or individual Post